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Training gluteus muscles

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Today, women train in the gym on a par with men. The most common goals of a female are losing weight or pumping the muscles of the legs, buttocks and the abs. What is a beach body? The ideal of the female figure in the modern world is considered to be the athletic body. For this reason, the number of women in the hall increases every year.

Tips for female training in the gym

The popularity of gyms and fitness centers is growing every day. If before meeting a girl practicing with “iron” was wild and unusual, today it is a frequent phenomenon. Each girl comes to the gym with a different initial purpose, someone wants to lose weight, someone to gain muscle mass, and someone just maintain their shape. However, the ultimate goal of each of them is a tightened body physique types with well-developed leg and gluteal muscles, as well as a pressure. In order to achieve this, you should know the basic principles of training for girls in the hall.


gluteus muscles


One of the most frequently asked questions – how often should I deal with? Often, the training program is designed for three days, since such a number of workouts is enough for girls.

On the first day of the training program, which is usually Monday or Tuesday, it is recommended to perform basic exercises aimed at the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

It is better to perform the base at the beginning of the week, since after the weekend the body fully recovered and rested.

The next tip for training is the duration of work on the body in one program. With progress, the training scheme does not need to be changed. If, working on one program for more than a month, no changes and results are observed, it needs to be corrected or completely changed. Even with an effective scheme, you need to modify it after four or six months of regular work, because the body gets used to the same exercises and stops responding to them as at the beginning of training.

As for the most important question for all girls – when to wait for the result, the answer to it depends on the individual. In addition to training, over eighty percent success is nutrition. Exercises for legs and buttocks will bring the best effect only if you observe proper nutrition. However, you should not expect to see your ideal in the mirror reflection after a month of work. Of course, there will be changes if you adhere to the correct diet and do exercises for the buttocks and legs, abs, back and arms in the gym. Particularly clearly visible will be the difference in the measurements and weighing, so if you decide to change your body, be sure to take the “before” measurements and strive for your ideal.

Principles of building a training program

As stated above, women’s training consists of three classes per week. If you came to the gym for the first time, then it is better to take a personal training, at least for the first lesson. It is necessary to get acquainted with the simulators and the correct technique for doing the exercises. Failure to comply with the technique increases the risk of damage. It also leads to the fact that even the best exercise for the legs or buttocks in the gym will not be effective.


stretches for gluteus muscles


Training the buttocks and legs for girls should consist of a combination of basic and isolating exercises. Performing basic exercises promotes faster muscle building than training, consisting entirely of isolating exercises. Accordingly, the basis of the training scheme, aimed at the legs and buttocks for girls in the gym, should be exactly the basic exercises for glutes female.

A significant mistake of training in the hall among beginners is the fear of increasing the load (weights). However, if you avoid this, the result can not be seen at all, because the body very quickly adapts to similar physical exertion. It is also recommended to change not only the weight, but also to increase the number of repetitions.

Training scheme

Training the buttocks and legs for girls in the gym is slightly different from the men’s training. The most common exercises among the female are squats and lunges with weights (barbell, dumbbells). Not less popular are the extension and flexion of the legs, mixing and dilution in the simulator. Effective exercises for pumping the muscles of the lower body – squat in Gakka or Smith, leg press and deadlift. The approximate arm workout for women is scheduled for three days, but you need to select the exercises, the number of repetitions and weight individually.

The first day of training can be started with the most difficult exercises. Before strength training, you should warm up using cardio, and then go to squats, buttock bridge, lunges and squat with a wide leg. To finish the training day you need to exercise the press and stretching. The number of repetitions and weight is recommended to choose depending on the level of physical fitness.


exercises for gluteus muscles


The second day of the training is aimed at working out other muscle groups. It consists of compulsory warm-up before training with the help of cardio, and then performing pull-ups in the simulator, Romanian thrust, thrust to the belt of the lower unit and a bench with dumbbell lifting on the bench. It should start with a small scale, dumbbells for beginners in the gym (only for girls) weighing no more than three to four kilograms.

The third day of training consists of a combination of exercises for all muscle groups. On the last day of training in the week, more attention is paid to isolating exercises. After doing your favorite kind of cardio, you should proceed to the outbursts in the same place with dumbbells, hyperextension, and leg lifting with weighting. To finish the exercise you need exercises for the press and stretching.