July 19, 2018

How to determine the type of physique – ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph?

Physiologically, there are three possible types of the human physique. Today we’ll talk in more detail about each of the species, what they say about a person, and how to determine the type of physique, which type you belong to.

To determine your genetic potential in bodybuilding, first, you need to find out the type of physique and only then undertake to write a training program or blindly copy the killer training of the world’s bodybuilding stars.

  • At first, naturally, heredity plays an important role in building muscle tissue and increasing strength, but do not be upset if nature has not given you a narrow waist, broad shoulders, and a powerful musculoskeletal structure.
  • Secondly, until you have started to systematically train, eat, and recover correctly, it is impossible to determine your potential in bodybuilding.
  • Thirdly, in 90% of cases, there is a significant reassessment of the importance of the type of build, and you will now see this. Remember that you can initially assign a specific type of physique to a person, guided by external factors, but you need to make a final conclusion when there will be more than one month of systematic training.

There are a number of aspects that an athlete must have in order to make the body worthy of his spirit, and believe me, the type of physique does not fit into these criteria at all. You can be the owner of a beautiful body type, but you will not be able to realize the dream and build up a huge muscle mass.

Body types, as well as genetic flaws and advantages!

Body type – a set of genetic factors by which you can determine the state of health, predisposition to diseases, and, of course, the potential for building muscle mass and increasing strength.

From our parents we get the following physiological factors:

  • the type of central nervous system that directly determines our character;
  • a skeletal structure that can be thin, thick, or medium;
  • physical strength and quantity of muscle fibers;
  • well, of course, the outlines of the face and even gait and voice.

All the above-mentioned points can be attributed to the type of physique of a person, but we will be interested in the musculoskeletal system, which is the predetermining factor of the figure.

The result of acquired heredity is the manifestation of genetic characteristics in strict sequence and dependence. Thus, three stable groups are formed, therefore each person can be classified by the type of physique and attributed to one of the groups. The genetic identity of a person can be easily determined by his figure.

Ectomorph – thin, fast, energy-efficient!

Physiological factors determining the ectomorph:

  • the slender physique is expressed;
  • The skeleton is based on long and thin bones;
  • lean musculature and a low percentage of body fat.

It should be noted that all three types of physique have different rates of biochemical processes and metabolism. The first problem with a pronounced ectomorph is the increased metabolism: the calories that enter the body burn so quickly that superfluous fat deposits to such a person do not threaten.

As a rule, ectomorphs have a lean physique and have thin limbs due to a small skeletal structure. This is a limiting factor for the collection of muscle mass, therefore, ectomorphs do not possess impressive volumes.

However, the ectomorph has one advantage: the added kilograms of pure muscle tissue look on the thin bones very aesthetically, and impressively, the special effect is given by additional dryness.

If you find your type of physique in the above description, do not rush in advance to get upset, because pronounced ectomorphs are very rare. In most cases, a person with a similar physique can increase muscle growth faster, some muscle groups can respond better to the rest of the progressive load and have improved restorative abilities.

Remember that your body type should be taken as a starting point in bodybuilding, which makes it possible to customize the training scheme and nutrition specifically for your body. Do not set yourself up as 99% of athletes when they learn that they do not have the most impressive genetic data: discipline and character do wonder.

Mesomorph – muscular, strong, explosive!

Physiological factors determining the mesomorph:

  • strongly developed musculature from nature, without additional training;
  • the low percentage of body fat;
  • A massive physique with thick bones and a broad skeletal structure.

The above factors speak for themselves that such people are born bodybuilders, sprinters, and weightlifters. However, in many cases, they do not achieve impressive results, because the discipline and purposefulness possessed by other types of the physique are completely absent. But if such people come to professional sports seriously and for a long time, the stars of bodybuilding and record-breakers in other martial arts are obtained. Their potential in the power and build-up of muscle mass is limited only by imagination. Excellent recovery ability and the response of muscle fibers to a progressive load. The mesomorph of the title MS reaches very quickly, and it may not even apply systematic training.

types of physique

Clearly expressed mesomorphs are very few: almost always there are traits from other types of physique. For example, there may be a mesomorph with thin bones or an excessive fatty layer.

Endomorph – wide, slow, thick!

Physiological factors determining endomorph:

  • The body has round and soft forms;
  • a very high percentage of fat tissue;
  • slow and slow.

People with this type of physique especially do not like to go in for sports, for them, any physical activity is just katorga. The metabolism is so slow that the calories from any nutrients are almost immediately deposited in the subcutaneous fat. Against this background, there is another important problem: a small energy requirement of the body, which is why a lot of excess fat, soft, and rounded body. If your body type refers to the endomorph, you will easily gain a common muscle mass, but the quality of the muscles will be very low. The main problem for the endomorph is to get rid of excess fat, and you will get a chic look. As in previous versions, pronounced endomorphs are rare.

How to determine the type of physique?

There are some patterns, after which you can make an approximate portrait of your musculoskeletal musculature. Using two fingers, large and index, grab your wrist and try to close a circle around it. If the fingertips touch, it means that you have a thin bone foundation. Thick wrists will not allow girth. This will be the main indicator of thorough musculoskeletal musculature.
2. The above procedure can be carried out using a flexible meter. In this case, it is necessary to focus on the range of measurements taken on the appropriate scale.

The scale of range indicators of musculoskeletal structure:

  • the wrist band of 15-17.5 cm indicates a thin bone structure;
  • if the indicators increase from 17.5 to 20 cm, then the middle core;
  • The range of girth, showing more than 20 cm, speaks of a powerful bone structure and broad bones.

It should be noted that the girth of the ankles is directly proportional to the wrist, the difference in the girth is not more than 6 cm. However, some people have a more developed lower body, with an arm circumference of 17 cm, the ankle maybe 25 cm, a certain division is obtained: the top is ectomorph, the bottom is the mesomorph. The main thing is do not fall into depression if you find that you are not possessing a powerful muscular structure, it is perfectly normal, and such people are more than 70%. Impressive results in bodybuilding are not at all dependent on the volume of the wrist. There are many athletes with a thin skeleton, but their muscles are well distracted for training with weights. The most important part of the body is your head, it is through perseverance and knowledge that you change yourself beyond recognition.

male body types

The training program for endomorphs!

  • At first, endomorph training should be of pampa character. This is simply necessary to increase energy consumption and increase the speed of metabolic processes.
  • Secondly, the main factor in the success of endomorph is high intensity, moderate weight, and minimum rest intervals between exercises and sets. Most fat people make the mistake of spending the whole training cycle in the power mode, using large weights and a small number of repetitions, this is fundamentally wrong.
  • Thirdly, there is no definite number of repetitions, the main thing is the time spent under the load: for the endomorph, it is necessary to perform the approach for 30 seconds to maximally deplete the energy reserves before the onset of glycolysis.

And of course, in order to achieve good dryness, it is necessary to observe a strict high protein diet, because with a set of the total mass of problems does not arise, but to make a thin waist and peak biceps, you have to work hard.

Aerobic exercise is an integral part of the endomorph training cycle, which must be performed at least 3 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes. It is best to do aerobic workouts in the mornings and after basic training with weights.

Female figure types and functional features!

The female body can be divided into 3 types of physique: asthenic, normostenic, and hypersthenic. Individual genetic predisposition depends on the parents who transmit along with a variety of characteristics and body type.

Naturally, there are no clearly expressed representatives of the fair sex in one of the parties. The patterns described for men work here, that in 90% of cases we observe mixed types of physique. However, it is worthwhile to carry out a detailed description so that the girls can more clearly identify their shortcomings and weaknesses and, with the help of intensive training, compensate for their shortcomings.

Asthenic type of build – thin, long limbs, energy, elegance!

Physiological factors that determine the asthenic type of women:

  • thin constitution;
  • pronouncedly long and thin neck;
  • elongated limbs;
  • facial features oblong, with the pronounced thin nose;
  • against the background of high growth there is a weakly developed musculature;
  • poor endurance and lack of strength.

To the positive characteristics of this type of physique can be attributed a minimum percentage of fat in the body, which for women is a fundamental factor. In addition, these girls have graceful body shapes and are quite energetic and attractive. The absence of fat deposits makes it possible to fundamentally change the figure due to training and the right diet. Women with an asthenic type of figure should visit the gym and focus on the development of the missing factors. First of all, training should be strong and voluminous in order to maximize the strength and pull up the poorly developed muscle groups.

female body types

To correctly characterize a woman of the type described above, it is necessary to make measurements of the wrist: if the index does not exceed 16 cm and the majority of the above factors coincides, then the girl has an asthenic figure in 90% of cases.

Normostenic type – proportionality, figure, beauty!

Physiological factors that determine the normostenic type:

  • proportionally developed body;
  • harmony and beauty;
  • harmoniously developed muscle groups with low-fat content;
  • average height.

Women who have this type of physique, feel great in any sport due to the high coordination and well developed muscular system. A good example of this type of physique is many photo models and professional sportswomen of the world level. The circumference of the wrist should be between 16 and 18.5 cm.

Hypersthenic type of physique – strength, power, large skeleton!

Physiological factors determining the hypersthenic type:

  • a large skeletal structure with large bones;
  • wide shoulder girdle;
  • shortened arms and legs;
  • low growth.

Probably many have guessed that women with hypersthenic type have good endurance and strength, but nature has deprived them of beauty and elegance. Therefore, women who have this type of physique will especially try to improve their figure. Ladies performing on a weightlifting platform, in 90% of cases have the above figure and the genetic potential to work with large weights.

There are very few women, but it is necessary to follow a strict diet to improve the figure, as a rule, these women have a very slow metabolism, the body is round and soft. The main thing to remember is that enhanced training and proper nutrition can work wonders and will greatly help change the girl’s external data. The determining factor is the circumference of the wrist, which is more than 19 cm.

Now that you have fully learned the types of the physique of the female and the male, you have a starting point and can adjust the training and nutrition based on your physiological factors. The main thing, remember that nothing is impossible, all the limitations in your head.

Pure body types are rare

The listed types of physique are to some extent arbitrary since in practice mixed types of physique are more common, that is, the body combines signs of other types of physique. For example, a mesomorph with signs of an ectomorphic type. People of this type tend to lose weight rather than increase it. This manifests itself when they are forced to stop training. At the same time, their weight decreases, appetite also decreases. Their bones are thin rather than powerful. But, on the other hand, with regular training, they gain weight quite easily. Say 0.5 – 1 kg of clean muscle per month.

By the way, this is just one of many classifications of body types. There are others. They will talk another time.