September 17, 2018
Jumping fitness


Fitness on a trampoline (or ass pump) is an excellent opportunity to remember childhood and at the same time improve the physical and emotional state. A unique program of Les mills body pump training on the projectile for jumping was developed by Czech instructors in 2000. At that time, the founders of jumping fitness Jana Svobodova and Thomas Burianeku were respectively 17 and 21 years old. It all began with the fact that a friend asked the young people to help her lose weight. Noticing her trampoline at home, the couple decided to improve it by attaching a pen. So there was the first model of the device for employment.

What do you need for jumping fitness?

For training on the trampoline, Yana and Thomas have developed a special complex of power and aerobic exercises. The first classes were conducted by the instructors in the circle of relatives and friends, and in 2001 they opened a sports center in Tabor. As practice showed, weight loss by the new method was faster than after training with weights. Jumping fitness was twice as effective as walking and gymnastics.

In 2005, Jumping officially became a brand in the Czech Republic, and three years later the trademark was registered in Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Russia.

To practice “jumping” fitness, you need a small trampoline with a handle. Weigh such a shell a little more than 10 kg, its diameter is 120-130 cm. The frame in the form of a regular octagon, legs, and detachable handle of the device is made of exercises for pectoral muscles for women
durable metal, capable of withstanding everyday loads for many hours. The trampoline of the SkyJumping trampoline is made of a wear-resistant stretch fabric of American manufacture. Inside the frame, the material is fixed with a rubber-reinforced cable. On the legs there are rubber tips: they prevent exercises for pectoral scratching the floor and shifting the projectile during jumping. Trampoline for fitness can withstand loads of up to 120 kg.


jumping fitness


Six reasons to do fitness jumping

Fitness on the trampoline, like any cardio training, positively affects the work of the cardiovascular system. Such classes contribute to improving lympho- and blood flow, increase lung volume, and normalize oxygen exchange. Physical activity, accompanied by excessive sweating, has a cleansing effect, which prevents the processes of premature aging. Thanks to jumping fitness decreases weight, comes in muscle tone of the body physique types. Training increases endurance.

Compared to other sports, jumping has several advantages:

  • Who is contraindicated in fitness on the trampoline? You can not engage in jumping with pregnant women, people with cardiac and vascular diseases who have pathologies of respiratory organs. Jumping can cause harm if there is glaucoma, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system. Training is undesirable to visit during a period of severe manifestation of a disease or exacerbation of a chronic illness. Jumping on the trampoline brings so much pleasure that more than a substitute for psychotherapy sessions. Jumping lifts the mood, raises self-esteem, changes the perception of the world.
  • This kind of fitness solves the problem with excess weight faster than strength training.
  • Jumping prevents flat feet, strengthens the knee and ankle joints, as well as the muscles of the cortex, which are responsible for stabilizing the pelvis, thigh, and spine.
  • Thanks to the damping effect of the trampoline, the probability of injury during training are reduced. Jumping is safer than cross-crossing, running, and other aerobic loads.
  • Jumping on the trampoline train the vestibular apparatus, improve coordination of movements. That is why in the second half of the last century they were included in the training program for astronauts.
  • You can go in for sports on a trampoline both for adults and for children. Jumping for a child is an opportunity to combine useful with pleasant.

Basic exercises

The standard jumping session lasts 50 minutes. For every type of load – aerobic and strength exercises – are allocated from a third to half an hour. Before jumping on the trampoline, a warm-up is required. Heating for 10 minutes allows you to avoid stretching the muscles and ligaments during the main stage.

For beginners, jumping on the trampoline takes 5-10 minutes.

The time of the active part of the training increases gradually – as the strength disappears. The optimal frequency of jumping sessions, according to fitness experts, is three times a week.


fitness jumping


For beginners who decide to train at home, simple exercises are suitable:

  • Stand on the center of the trampoline. Put your hands along the trunk. Within 40 seconds, rhythmically jump, as if a spring. Do not tear the feet from the surface.
  • Continuing to spring, step by step bend your legs. When walking, do not tear off the socks from the trampoline cloth. Accompany the marching with the bending of the hands in time.
  • Having spread your feet to the width of your foot, continue to jump low. Break off from the surface with the entire foot. Spreading straight arms to the sides, describe them as small circles counter-clockwise.
  • Put your hands on your hips. Lightly jump. Landing, one foot forward, the second back. During the jump, change your legs.
  • Continuing to make the same movements with lower limbs, lower your arms along the body. Imagine that you are clutching dumbbells in your hands. At the time of changing legs, bend both hands in the elbows, pulling them to the chest. Hold the shoulders by the hull.
  • Return to the position of the “foot on the width of the foot.” Raise your hands through the sides up and, holding them over your head straight, continue to jump with the entire foot.
  • Put your hands apart again. This time, make circular feats clockwise.

Exercises on the trampoline for weight loss should be intense. Begin training on the projectile can be standard – with low jumps, and then increase the amplitude. Do not raise your legs too high to lose balance.

An effective fat-burning exercise is considered to be running on the spot.

He can both usual, and with upping shanks, with a high rise of knees in front of him. Work not only the muscles of the legs and buttocks but also the abdomen helps the exercise “twist”. So they call jumps on two legs with turns of a basin.


fitness on trampoline


Exercises on the trampoline for children are aimed, first of all, at creating an equilibrium. The kid, who only gets acquainted with the sports equipment, should sit in the center while the adult swings the canvas. The next stage – the child gets up, legs apart on the width of shoulders, hands on the waist. When jumping, he takes his feet together and lands in the center. Then, jumping out again arranges the legs. On the trampoline, you can run, jump sitting, or on all fours. Complicated running is accompanied by an alternate lifting of the legs.