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summer season

Summer is the time for light dresses and sexy swimsuits. But after winter, the body often needs to be restored. Our blog shows a selection of products that will help the girls to clean up and meet summer fully equipped.

A beauty salon can be arranged right at home. This requires investment, but it pays off very quickly. We will tell you how to take care of yourself so that the beach will never again have to shyly wrap up in a pareo.

Step 1. Get rid of excess weight and cellulite

Weight loss
Weight loss

When there are only a few days left before the beach season opens, and you still don’t fit into your favorite shorts, you shouldn’t limit yourself to home gymnastics two or three times a week. You need to change the food and go to the gym.

Ask the trainer to evaluate your form and develop a set of exercises focusing on problem areas. One of the best exercises for weight loss and a flat stomach is a slat.

If you are most concerned about cellulite, you should work on a special anti-cellulite complex with an emphasis on normalizing blood flow and circulation of lymphatic fluid.

Strengthen the effect of training, you can use sports underwear. Try to train in the gym, run or ride a bike in special compression pants and fitness top.

They are very convenient to play sports. Thanks to ceramic fibers, pants and T-shirt are slim already by themselves. But the main feature is in cosmetic impregnation, which helps to remove fluid from the body, tones the skin and eliminates the “orange peel” on it.

Step 2. Pump the buttocks

Butt muscles
Butt muscles

Tightened priest and slender hips – the center of attraction of enthusiastic views of men. To boldly wear mini-skirts and wear bikinis on the beach, three to five times a week, perform the following set of exercises to strengthen your gluteal muscles.

To achieve results faster, you can use the short with myostimulyatorom. This is the development of the Slendertone research center.

It is based on a natural scheme: the brain sends an impulse to the nerve endings – the muscles contract and relax. Only here are the impulses sent by electrode pads sewn into shorts. This is called electromyostimulation (EMC). EMC technology is actively used in physiotherapy for the restoration of weak muscles and in sports training.

Combining workouts and miostimulyatsiyu, you pump gluteal muscles much faster. You can even just wash the dishes and exercise at the same time. 🙂

Step 3. Fight Acne

Acne face mask
Acne face mask

Many people believe that the best acne treatment is tanning. Like, ultraviolet dries acne better than any cosmetics. This is true, but only in part. Excessive UV light increases sebum secretion.

In the summer we constantly sweat, to the sticky skin of the face, as to a magnet, dirt is attracted. She and dead epidermis scales clog pores, which provokes the formation of acne. Therefore, the pledge of beauty in the summer – cleansing and moisturizing.

Wash at least twice a day. Use at this foam and mousse that does not contain alcohol.
Try to use as little makeup as possible. Instead of a dense foundation, it is better to switch to light water-based BB creams. Make acne lotion from pimples using calendula, chamomile or tea tree oil.

Also, darsonvalization will be useful for girls with problem skin in the hot season – one of the types of physiotherapy with a wide range of applications. This procedure has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects on the skin.

Home darsonval can restore normal sebum secretion, reduce the diameter of enlarged pores and relieve local inflammation.

Step 4. Hide wrinkles

Hide wrinkles

In summer, when we often squint at the sun, wrinkles are especially noticeable. They can not hide any glasses or a hat, even with very large fields.

If your skin has age-related changes, try ridolysis. This is a modern method of rejuvenation, actively used in hardware cosmetology. Reedolysis allows you to remove even deep wrinkles without pain and bruises.

Ridolysis procedure can be performed at home with the help of a special massager.

The principle of its operation is simple: the microcurrents of the device stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, which fill in wrinkles from the inside. As a result, the skin’s relief becomes noticeably better.

Step 5. Preparing the bikini area

Iluminage touch
Iluminage touch

Today, one of the most effective and safe systems for removing body hair is Elos hair removal. In contrast to laser and photoepilation, the effect on the hair follicles is produced immediately by two types of energy: RF (radio waves) and IPL (light).

Elos hair removal devices convert light energy into heat and direct it deep into the follicle, heating and destroying it. Clinical tests of the Precise Touch device from the Israeli company Iluminage showed that in 12 months of regular use, the amount of hair on the body of the subjects decreased to 94%.

This epilator is suitable for treating hair of any color on the skin of any tone, including in the bikini area and armpits.

Step 6. Clean the heels

Electric roller saws
Electric roller saws

And the final touch – well-groomed legs. In the summer, so many beautiful shoes: sandals, light sandals and super comfortable shoes. To wear all this, you must do a pedicure and monitor the condition of the feet. Fight with hardened skin on them, corns and cracks on the heels at home is easiest with the help of electro.

Electric roller saws are simple and convenient to use. They do not require preliminary preparation of the skin, do not injure it and very effectively remove the horny particles. Simply treat the heels with them and lubricate the feet with a nourishing cream.