August 20, 2021
how to make your butt round

Round butt, on which jeans of any model sit so delightfully, which sits so appetizingly in a tulip skirt. Every second woman comes to the gym for firm buttocks, but not every woman gets them there.

There are options that are worse than just the underdevelopment of the gluteal muscles. For example, enlarged legs, pumped quads, which make a woman’s body masculine. Let’s see what exercises for a round butt need to be done and other important factors to create a perfect ass.

1. Muscle Feeling

The question is serious. If you have no neuromuscular connection, then there will be no result. Exercises for a round butt must be performed not only with the correct technique, but also to feel the right muscles when approaching.

For example, a lot of people think that a round booty is provided by squatting with a barbell. No matter how it is! Squats train the whole body, but if you have lost the connection between the head and the muscles of the priests, then the hips will respond best to this exercise: they are the ones who take on the main load in the squat.

Therefore, it is the hips that will grow. Do you need it?! Therefore, to begin with, learn to “feel the buttocks”, act more accurately. Doing isolated glute exercises will help you. Try the Smith Machine lunges and dumbbell glute bridge.

how to get round butt

2. Increase Weight of Equipment

With small dumbbells of 3-5 kg, unfortunately, you will never pump up voluminous buttocks, even if you do a large number of approaches and increase the number of repetitions. So how do you calculate your training tonnage? We multiply the number of approaches by the number of repetitions and again by kilograms of weight.

Always record your training tonnage in your training diary, track your progress, track your growth. It goes without saying that training tonnage should increase over time. Be sure to discuss this issue with your trainer.

3. Genetic Structure of Buttock Muscles

Your constitution is something that is given by nature, and exercises should always be selected with an eye to this. Remember that the shape of the hips and buttocks is different for everyone. In addition, everyone has a different number of muscle fibers and muscle attachment – it all depends on whether you will have a round butt or not. Please, never be equal to another person, do not try to make yourself a buttocks “like a friend’s.” Your body is unique. Improve it and do not adjust it to the standards of a stranger to you. Strive for overall harmony, not just muscle growth in a specific location.

how to get round ass

4. Effective Exercises for Round Butt

Here you cannot do without the help of a trainer. Discuss with him the exercises that you perform with good technique, in which you feel the buttocks – do not blindly perform the exercises under his dictation if you cannot do them, or after a month or two you do not see progress. Change, try, search. Note the deadlift, lunges, leg press, smith machine squats, standing side-leg raises, gluteal bridge. Choose a few exercises in which you can perfectly feel the work of the buttocks. The round butt will be only when it “burns” during exercise. Note: two different people will have different exercises! Do not be equal to a friend who did perfect ass on 3 exercises, you may choose 2 or 5 – but these will be your personal working exercises.

The most obvious sign by which you can determine that the butt will grow: during and after training, there is a very pronounced heat, burning sensation in the buttocks area, and the next day – pain. Yes, yes, you can’t get away from soreness if the goal is the Brazilian round butt.

If you train 4 days a week or more, talk to a trainer to set aside a separate day for the buttocks and work on them for the entire workout. He will assure you that completely isolating the buttocks from the legs will not work, but at least try it. As soon as the buttocks get tired, the legs begin to actively connect, for you this will be a sure signal that it is time to end the workout.

If you train less than 4 times, it does not matter, just the growth of the butt will not be at such a staggering pace. Add exercises for the buttocks on “leg day” – and feel, feel them!

Round butt is real!

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