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Learn how to lose excess weight, make the body relief for the beach season, remove the sides and tone yourself + a set of exercises and videos.

It’s still cold outside the window and it’s snowing, but many have already thought about the summer season and there is a desire to make a relief body, someone wants to lose weight, someone wants to build an athlete’s figure, it’s great that such thoughts appear in the cold period of time, as it is too late to think in the heat of late April. However, those who wish to improve their form, are wondering – how to do it with a minimum of effort?

I want to immediately disappoint lazy people and lovers to lie on the couch, as they say – “without difficulty, you will not catch fish from the pond either.” If you want the body of your dreams, you will have to work hard and hard, but believe all the effort will be worth it.

So, the relief of the body (cutting) – means reducing the layer of subcutaneous fat, as a result of which our skin will come into contact with the muscles without a significant layer of fat, which gives the figure a beautiful appearance.

Ultimate beach body
Ultimate beach body

Burning fat: basic rules

1) No magic weight loss methods.

You are tormented by the question – how to make a relief body by the summer? and quickly, remember, at the moment there are no miracle ways to lose weight quickly, forget about advertising on the Internet and colorful slogans in magazines screaming about burning up to 20 kg. overweight for a couple of weeks, doing almost nothing at the same time. Think with your head, this is the usual money pumping and advertising business. There are certainly good methods for losing weight, but you need to make a lot of effort to achieve a result.

2) Forget about split programs

Split program is a set of exercises for working out 2-3 muscle groups during 1 workout.
Throughout the entire training, it is necessary to work out not 2-3 or even 4 muscle groups, but absolutely the whole body. Due to this, the calorie consumption increases, which will lead to weight loss, at the same time the cardiovascular system will be trained and the endurance of the muscles will increase. What does the working weight need to choose one at which you can do 15 repetitions.

3) Throw away thoughts about problem areas

Each person has his own problem zone – someone does not like the stomach, which is not flat and sticks out like a ball, or the sides hang down, others do not like the hips because of what the buttocks do not resemble delicious buns, but ordinary pancakes, bother because of the sagging on the back of the arm of the triceps.

So, you can not give a command to the body to burn fat in the place where you want, the body will lose weight everywhere. If you train only the problem area, the calories will be spent much less than when training all the muscles of the body, which means the weight of the body will decrease slightly and the next approach to weight will not please you.

Only full-body training and a well-chosen cardiovascular pathway to success.

4) Do not rush to turn the world

Many people coming to the gym, they want not only to burn fat deposits, but also to increase the decent muscles. If guys want hands, chest, back or legs of an athlete, then many girls are not opposed to build muscle in the area of ​​the buttocks, making them round and attractive.

The only trouble is that many begin to take concrete action 3 months before the summer, without thinking about it since November. In this case, your main task will be to remove the FAT, believe it seems to be in public without last year’s belly or double chin, this is already a big plus. And building up muscles is a more complicated process, which is set aside for the next year, unless of course you have enough strength and patience.

5) Food – all over the head

You will never lose weight if you consume more calories than you spend, even spend the night at fitness centers.
It is necessary to reduce in your diet fast carbohydrates and fats, giving preference to protein-free food, vegetables and salads. In the process of drying, reduce the consumption of alcohol and juice, they contain large amounts of carbohydrates, which will block the process of burning calories.

Female beach body
Female beach body

Main secrets of nutrition

  1. Frequent meals, at least 6 times a day, this will increase the metabolism, the main thing is to choose foods with a low content of fast carbohydrates and animal fats, but with a high protein content.
  2. You need to drink plenty of water, full information – here.
  3. Eat according to the principle, maximum food intake in the 1st half of the day, constantly reducing portions to bed.
  4. Before bedtime, eat low-fat cottage cheese or casein protein, it contains long-cleavable protein, which slowly gives calories to the body, quenching hunger.
  5. Forget about pastry, sausage and bakery products – it is worth to give it up for at least 3-4 months, for the sake of losing weight by the summer.
  6. Include vitamins in your diet, they allow you to maintain the metabolic rate, improve health, eliminating fatigue and lethargy of the body, improve the condition of the nervous system, increase the rate of absorption of nutrients.

These exercises are suitable for women and men under the age of 45 who do not have heart problems and do not have serious medical contraindications. The whole complex is designed for 10 weeks. Before training, do a 10-minute warm-up and stretch. Perform 3 workouts weekly. Rest between exercises for 3 minutes.