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Cutting the body at home is a doable task! I also note that a prerequisite is not just finding an effective way to make muscles more prominent and get rid of fat, but also the absence of harm to their own health.

What is the cutting of the body at home?

The concept of “cutting” came into use from bodybuilding. Cutting refers to the process of getting rid of subcutaneous fat, which allows an athlete to make the muscles in relief and to show at competitions what impressive training results he has achieved. When the fat goes away, the figure looks dry and lean, and the very concept of “cutting” comes from this.

So, cutting is a professional term for bodybuilders. With the modern development of the fitness industry, the word “cutting” is sometimes called any weight loss in principle. This is not entirely competent. Slimming during cutting  should not occur at the expense of the muscles, it is the adipose tissue that should leave.

When cutting muscles, it is necessary to preserve them as much as possible (of course we are not talking about growth here). In addition, being what is called “on cutting”, an athlete should be able to continue training (in a special mode), and not faint from hunger.

It should also be understood that if you have never played sports, and cutting is used solely for the sake of weight loss, then most likely, the figure that you end up with will be far from perfect.

Since you have not yet gained muscles, which are designed to give your body beautiful shapes, your figure can turn into bones and skin, which will hang on these bones. Therefore, before experiencing cutting for yourself, make sure that you still have a certain amount of muscle.

Beautiful female body
Beautiful female body

But let’s go back to the topic and analyze the cutting process in detail.

Components of the body cutting process

Cutting the body can be represented as three main components:

  • Special diet (a gradual reduction in the percentage of carbohydrates in food and an increase in the amount of protein).
  • A specific training regimen.
  • Acceptance of additional drugs.

For professional athletes, cutting is carried out under the strict control of the coach. The trainer selects a diet depending on the state of the athlete’s body, adjusts the training regimen and recommends taking additional drugs to burn fat and maintain health.

The diet of athletes during cutting is very rigid, the meal time is painted almost by the minute, and at the final stage fluid intake is limited, which makes the figure even more cut and causes significant health damage. Well, what to do – ahead of the competition, and it is important for the athlete to demonstrate the maximum result.

Cutting the body at home can be done in a simplified form. You can independently adjust your diet and exercise in a certain way, taking supporting sports supplements.

Woman with toned back
Woman with toned back

Diet during cutting

Among women there is an opinion that in order to burn fat, you need to limit yourself to food as much as possible (it would be great to not eat at all).

This opinion is fundamentally wrong. Also, women sometimes misuse fat burners, which also causes significant damage to the body.

I will tell you about fat burners separately: if you do not know what physiological processes in your body are caused by the intake of a particular drug, do not use this drug yourself. Be sure to discuss his reception with the coach.

In order to make your figure beautiful and reduce body fat, you do not need to starve yourself.

You just need to rebuild your diet in such a way that the body begins to spend on its energy reserves of fat, but at the same time at least splits muscle tissue.

There are two reasons for the decrease in muscle tissue during the cutting period.

  • First, the body loses nutrients and is forced to “eat” its own muscles (this is the determining factor).
  • Secondly, strength training during cutting becomes less intense due to the general decline in activity (for a couple of months of decline in the intensity of training, you can also lose a little weight).
  • So, what should be the power during cutting (including when cutting the body at home)?

The basic principle of the diet during the cutting period is the gradual elimination from the menu of carbohydrate-containing food and an increase in the amount of protein. Fats can be eaten. Their number should be minimal, but in no case should you completely refuse fat.

Weight loss in progress!
Weight loss in progress!


Diet rules during cutting

Pay particular attention to the third paragraph, so as not to harm your health:

  • There are small portions of 5-6 times a day.
  • Try to consume carbohydrates until 14 o’clock in the afternoon.
  • Go to a diet gradually, as well as get out of it – do not create sudden stress to your body.

1st cutting period (preparatory) 4-6 weeks

During this period, we need to prepare your body for a diet in order to minimize the stress from an abrupt change in diet.

At the beginning of this period, the structure of nutrition is as follows:

  • 50-60% proteins;
  • 10-20% fats;
  • the rest is carbohydrates (gradually reducing their amount in favor of proteins).

On average, a girl weighing 50-60 kg per day requires at least 100 g of protein. There are special methods for determining the body’s need for protein, as well as in general in calories. If you are interested in this topic – there is enough information in open sources.

Immediately at the beginning of the first cutting period, it is worth refusing from sweet and white bread. Gradually, it is necessary to reduce the number of cereals and, if possible, sweet fruits and vegetables. You should also eat less salty food, as it retains water in the body.

2nd cutting period (duration – depending on the desired result)

Actually, this is the period of the body itself. At this time, carbohydrates are completely excluded and the amount of protein is maximized.

The structure of the diet is as follows:

  • 80% protein;
  • 20% fat;
  • carb free.

If at some point you feel a deterioration in health, cutting should stop immediately. For professional athletes, relocation by competitions also follows a period of “draining” of water. We will not consider it, since our ultimate goal is still beauty and health, and not victory in competitions.

Training mode during cutting

The training regime for cutting is very individual for each person. Without knowing your level of fitness, it is difficult to issue any specific recommendations.

We can only say that it is worthwhile to continue strength training with the involvement of the muscles of the whole body. If you do not train your muscles, the body will destroy them in the first place, considering it an “unnecessary burden.” The duration of training can be somewhat reduced in comparison with the usual.

It is important during this period not to overdo aerobics. Aerobic workouts should complement strength training, but aerobics should not be exhausted. Aerobic exercise normally burns mostly fat, but since your body receives less nutrients during cutting, the muscles will also be actively burned along with the fat.

The ideal set of exercises you can pick up a professional trainer. But if you train yourself and carry out muscle cutting at home – watch for changes in your body very carefully. As soon as we felt a bias in one direction or another, correct the program.

Female athlete
Female athlete

Additional supplements

The sports nutrition industry offers us a huge selection of various drugs designed to support the body during diets and heavy physical exertion.

In particular, when properly used, an additional effect is given by the use of fat burners. But, if you do not know how to take this or that drug yourself, you should not experiment without consulting a specialist. Moreover, the effect you get without them.

As additional food, you will definitely need it during the cutting period:

  • Vitamin and mineral complex. During the period of intense training and tough diet, your body does not receive the necessary amount of vitamins, macro and microelements. Therefore, be sure to take vitamin and mineral supplements. This is necessary in order to avoid metabolic disorders, skin problems, a general decrease in immunity.
  • Protein and BCAA (amino acid complexes). Supplementing these supplements will give your body the necessary amino acids for the synthesis of the proteins that make up your muscles. Take sources of amino acids is necessary in order to minimize the destruction of muscle tissue.

When buying sports nutrition, it is also worth bearing in mind that initially it is designed to be received by people experiencing high physical activity (by the athletes themselves). Therefore, if you do not train during the cutting  period, you will certainly feel the effect of sportipitis, but it will not be as noticeable as with the correct training regimen.

Women Bodybuilding Supplements
Women Bodybuilding Supplements

What should not be forgotten on the cutting

Adipose tissue, following all recommendations, will start to leave rather quickly. It is worth saying that weight loss must be strictly controlled and not be allowed too intense pace.

A safe rate of weight loss for women is 200 g per day and not more than 1.5 kg per week. If you lose weight faster, you will drive your body into a state of stress. And what does the body do during stress? That’s right – stores fat. From his point of view, this is correct, but what if tomorrow there is no food at all? So if you notice that you are dropping more than 200 grams per day – add calories to your diet.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the minimum percentage of adipose tissue, which should be present in the body of a woman – 11-13% (while maintaining the menstrual cycle). With such a percentage of fat, the figure looks literally skin-covered.

With a sporty build, the percentage of body fat in a girl’s body is usually 14–20%. At the same time the body looks beautiful and relief. The average level is 25-31% of fat, and over 32% can already be classified as obesity.

Woman with low body fat percentage
Woman with low body fat percentage

The percentage of body fat can be determined by measuring the fold on the abdomen at the level of the navel, stepping 10 cm to the side. Further, using a special table, substituting the fold thickness in mm into it and your age, you can calculate the approximate level of your own “fat content”.

Here is the table:

The thickness of the fat layer (mm)

Age 2-3 4-5 6-7 8-9 10-11 12-13 14-15 16-17 18-19 20-21 22-23 24-25 26-27
18-20 11,3 13,5 15,7 17,7 19,7 21,5 23,2 24,8 26,3 27,7 29,0 30,2 31,3
21-25 11,9 14,2 16,3 18,4 20,3 22,1 23,8 25,5 27,0 28,4 29,6 30,8 31,9
26-30 12,5 14,8 16,9 19,0 20,9 22,7 24,5 26,1 27,6 29,0 30,3 31,5 32,5
31-35 13,2 15,4 17,6 19,6 21,5 23,4 25,1 26,7 28,2 29,6 30,9 32,1 33,2
36-40 13,8 16,0 18,2 20,2 22,2 24,0 25,7 27,3 28,8 30,2 31,5 32,7 33,8
41-45 14,4 16,7 18,8 20,8 22,8 24,6 26,3 27,9 29,4 30,8 32,1 33,3 34,4
46-50 15,0 17,3 19,4 21,5 23,4 25,2 26,9 28,6 30,1 31,5 32,8 34,0 35,0
51-55 15,6 17,9 20,0 22,1 24,0 25,9 27,6 29,2 30,7 32,1 33,4 34,6 35,6
>56 16,3 18,5 20,7 22,7 24,6 26,5 28,2 29,8 31,3 32,7 34,0 35,2 36,3

And, as mentioned earlier, the cutting period should be completed gradually, gradually adding carbohydrates to your daily menu.

As you can see, cutting the body at home is not so difficult. The main thing is to listen to your body and delight it with high-quality nutrition and exercise. However, in order to avoid harm to your own health, we recommend you consult with experts.