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Complex exercises for the press

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Alas, no one is born with an ideal figure. Steel muscles, a tightened body and cubes on the stomach – this is not a genetic predisposition, but the result of hard training and healthy eating.

Replace the rounded ball with a beautiful abs on the strength of any person who is ready to work systematically and keep fit. If the goal of the training is attractive muscles of the abs, first you have to get rid of the excess fat on your stomach. The exercises discussed below, combined in training programs, will kill two birds with one stone.

Key principles

Swing only the abdominal muscles, focusing on this all the effort – wrong strategy

Healthy food, activity, exercise and timely rest are the ingredients for achieving the goal.

Reduce the amount of fat available on the stomach by exercises alone on the ab muscles is impossible. It is recommended to combine classes in the gym with other sports – jogging, swimming, biking, yoga, at least – daily walking.

Welcome aerobics classes – acquired in the cycle of training flexibility, plasticity has not prevented any lover.

Readiness to work one, three or more months before the first tangible results – this should be the attitude of the person who started building his body. Most of the training is needed to drive fat from the abdomen, with the continuation of training, the formation of cubes will become only a matter of time.

Popular exercises for the abs for men

The gym is much more preferable for the formation of muscles than independent studies at home. There is reliable equipment, the benefit of which is checked by time, the coach, which will help with the training plan, and a comfortable environment for those who want to improve.

exercises for the press for men

Subscription to the hall was acquired, now it is worth familiarizing with the most effective exercises.

Lifting the legs

A Swedish wall is required to perform. Lifting the legs is similar to the exercise performed on the floor, but more effort is applied. Ideally, if the lower extremities are straight. Useful for working the muscles of the lower abs.

Lower twisting (horizontal bench)

Take a reclining position, grasp the handrails (the base), and do not arrange them along. Raising the legs occurs in equilibrium and is noticeably higher, so the relief is more carefully studied.

Incomplete twisting (inclined bench)

For the initial position, the slope of the body is more than 180 °, a great deal of effort is applied and the abs is thoroughly worked. The result will come much sooner than when doing exercises easier.

This type of work on the muscles requires preliminary preparation. Beginners are not recommended to perform it in the first weeks of classes.

It is a sin not to use the special equipment available in the hall. Having mastered the basic steps, it is possible to complicate the work.


It looks like the previously described type of work, only to get up sideways to the simulator, and the slope to perform to the far leg, trying to reach it with slightly bent hands. It is useful for working out the oblique muscles of the abdomen, the widest muscles of the back.

Performing first three, and then – five exercises will allow men in 1-3 months to achieve phenomenal results, visible to the naked eye.

press exercises

An approximate program for men

Bottom part;It is advisable for athletes to select one exercise for each muscle group of the abs  (bottom, top, side). Perform them in the sequence:

  • Upper;
  • Oblique abdominal muscles.
Bleeding the lower abdominal muscles is the hardest job. It must be carried out first.

Approach plan:

  1. Raising the legs – 2-3 sets of 10-20 repetitions.
  2. The bottom twisting on the horizontal bench is 2-3 approaches. If there is no extra weight, do 15-20 repetitions. If there are only ten.
  3. Incomplete twisting on an inclined bench – 2 sets of 10-15 repetitions.
  4. Twisting on the upper block – 2-3 sets of 15-20 times.
  5. “Woodcutter” – 2 sets of 15-20 times.

Beginners should confine themselves to the first three points, Advanced athletes with comfortable sensations and quick recovery are encouraged to increase the number of repetitions.

Keep a comfortable pace, especially in the first weeks of classes. As the body becomes attached to the load, increase the intensity, but do not exhaust yourself daily. The recommended ratio is one intensive training for 2-3 sessions of moderate intensity.

Rest between sets should not last more than 2 minutes, as the muscles of the abs recover quickly.

Features of exercises for the press for girls

The beautiful half of humanity is not stranger to the desire to have a beautiful body. To achieve an attractive tucked up abdomen is easy if you perform the previously considered exercises for men.

exercises for the press for girls

However, the preparedness of the female organism is much weaker than that of the male organism, to the loads studied. To prepare yourself for intensive work, girls are recommended to perform within 1-2 weeks such types of work:

  • Twisting on an incline bench (the feet are fixed, the top is lifted);
  • Reverse torsions on it (the upper body is fixed, legs are raised).

The optimal number of repetitions is 10-15 in each of 2-3 approaches. The intensity is low. When the body gets used to the load, you can go on to the previously described work, but it’s worth to limit yourself to two approaches and reduce the number of repetitions in each.

Description of the home training complex for the abs for girls you can find here.

Common Mistakes

Beginners get injured and stretched, trying to get a quick result. The following is a list of popular mistakes that lead athletes out of action.

  1. Before doing exercises for the ab muscles, the first thing to do is to warm up after performing complex basic works.
  2. Non-compliance with the prescribed diet.
  3. Work exclusively on twisting.
  4. Incorrect actions during the exercises.
  5. Ignoring new exercises, which would allow the full development of the abdominal muscles.
  6. The use of advertised devices, supposedly contributing to the formation of muscles without intensive physical work – they do not have any effect, if not to force themselves to work.
  7. Daily workouts – 3-5 sessions per week.

It is not enough to do the prescribed exercises. An important aspect, without which not to achieve the slightest positive result, is considered below.

Proper nutrition, rest, recovery

The diet of a person striving to give relief to his body includes the following products:

  • Pressed cottage cheese with a minimum fat content;
  • Egg white;
  • Apples;
  • Spinach;
  • Oatmeal;
  • Coconut and peanut butter.

It is necessary to reduce the amount of consumed fat, otherwise work in the hall will not be of use.

Use liquid in sufficient quantity. Excess will come with sweat during training.

Beginners are advised to spend no more than 3 lessons per week (for example, Monday – Wednesday – Friday). Advanced “pitching” can arrange only two days off (2 days of training – rest – 3 days – rest).

Observance of the rules described above will lead to success even for a beginner with small prospects. Work on yourself, proper nutrition, healthy sleep and moderate exercise – a pledge of the appearance of “cubes” after a couple of months of stable training.