April 30, 2020

The biggest mistake of people who are just starting their training path is the use of training schemes of already experienced athletes. Understand that each of them has come a long way before doing heavy and high-intensity workouts, and at the beginning of the way it is necessary to smoothly increase the load so that the body adapts to the training process, and does not begin to resist it.

First of all, I would recommend seeking help from a trainer if you are an absolute beginner in this matter. He will help you with the choice of a set of exercises that is right for you (for your physical form and your goals). Also, the trainer will put the correct technique for performing the exercise. But if for some reason you don’t have the opportunity to work with a trainer, here’s a set of five exercises for working out all muscle groups. Perform 3-4 exercise approaches in each of 10-15 repetitions.

Bodybuilding leg workout – Leg extension in the machine

One of the largest and most important muscle groups, when you start training, is the leg muscles and, to a greater extent, the front surface of the thigh. Leg training is important for muscle growth, energy expenditure on training, and the production of hormones that promote muscle growth, but you should not start your first leg workout with basic exercises like squats. Squats is a difficult technical exercise that loads a lot of muscle groups, and when your muscles are not ready for exercise, this can lead to injuries that will permanently discourage you from training. Start with a simple isolating exercise, such as leg extensions, this will allow you to pump blood into the muscles and most importantly establish a neuromuscular connection between the brain and legs.

Lat pull-down to build bodybuilder back

This exercise is aimed at developing the back muscles and, in fact, is an imitation of pull-ups, but in a simpler version. We are doing this exercise because I don’t think that many beginners will be able to perform 10-15 strict pull-ups on the crossbar, moreover, this simulator will be very useful for you in the future. We carry out the pull in front of us, towards the chest, since this amplitude of movement is the safest for the shoulder girdle. Remember that when doing exercises to develop the muscles of the back, you should reduce the shoulder blades and control the tension in the muscles of the back and not the hands.

Dumbbell bench press for a chest workout

This exercise is aimed at developing chest muscles and is an alternative to bench press. Its advantage is that you can choose a more correct weight for yourself and also give the same load on both hands, which is important if you are a beginner and are not able to correctly balance the balance between paired muscles.

5-day workout split with Dumbbell Biceps Curls

This exercise is aimed at the development of the biceps of the shoulder and also helps you strengthen the ligaments responsible for bending the arms. Strict biceps up without rocking the body and raising your elbows. It is important not to extend your arms at the bottom point to the end and choose the working weight that you can do.

Weightlifting program: Dumbbell fly

This exercise will be the last in our complex and it will be aimed at developing the middle bundle of deltoid muscles. When performing swings through the sides, we keep our hands slightly bent at the elbow and it is also worth remembering that the main thing is to raise the elbows up, which means that the elbow should be at or slightly above the wrists.

When performing the complex, be sure to pay attention to the technique of performing the exercises, choose the correct weights, and also take enough rest between approaches and exercises.