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Beach body

You can see a detailed plan for the transformation of an ordinary body into a beach body. With such a body it’s nice to walk barefoot on the hot sand and catch a dozen views. Male – darkly envious, and female – sultry, lustful. It can happen the other way around, but we are not talking about that right now. It’s time to work on yourself – calmly, without haste – you have three whole months.

Training plan

We will act radically: no dismemberment of the body into biceps and triceps, only general training, basic exercises. From the shells you need only one bar, a pair of dumbbells and a bench. In the arsenal will be two types of training – strength and combined. They should be conducted in a row, in one block, taking no more than two days to rest between blocks. One week of training includes Block 1 and Block 2.

Strength Training A:

  1. Squatting with barbell + dumbbell bench press on the inclined.
  2. Deadlift with barbell + high draft with dumbbells.
  3. Bench press with a narrow grip + lift with dumbbells for standing biceps.
  4. Rising on socks sitting + bending disc brushes sitting.
  5. Raising legs hanging on a horizontal bar + twisting on a ball or floor.

All training should consist of evenly distributed segments of activity and rest – you must constantly move. Strive to ensure that the rest time not later than the third month of training is not more than 60 seconds.

Training in the gym
Training in the gym

Combined workout A:

Hybrid-set 1: taking the barbell to the chest (1 repetition) + front squats (2) + bench press (1): stand up straight, bend over a little and throw the barbell onto the front deltas with one movement. Now do 2 repetitions of front squats and, completing the second repetition, powerfully squeeze the barbell up. Gently return to the starting position – it will be 1 repetition.

Combined workout A: Hybrid set 1
Combined workout A: Hybrid-set 1

Hybrid set 2: deadlift with rod (2) + rod to chin (1) + rod in tilt (2): do 2 repeats of deadlift and, completing the second repeat, pull the rod to the chin. Controlled by lowering it down, bend down and do 2 repetitions of the barbell in the slope. Return to the starting position – this is 1 repetition!

Combined workout A: Hybrid-set 2
Combined workout A: Hybrid-set 2

Hybrid-set 3: lunge forward with lifting the biceps (2) + wiring with dumbbells standing (1) + wiring in the slope (1) + lunge back (1): do 2 repetitions of the attacks forward, while bending your arms with dumbbells. Now transfer the weight to the front foot, stand up and do 1 repetition of standing wiring. Without a pause, bend over and replay the tilt, then stand up and lunge backwards. All this combination for each leg is considered a full replay!

Combined workout A: Hybrid-set 3
Combined workout A: Hybrid-set 3

Hybrid set 4: squats with a barbell (2) + a sharp jerk with the whole body or with one leg to increase the swing (shwung) (1) + tilts with a barbell (2): do 2 repetitions of the squat, on the second repetition with the whole body squeeze the barbell , then gently bring her back and make 2 tilt forward. Having straightened, you will receive 1 repetition!

Combined workout A: Hybrid-set 4
Combined workout A: Hybrid-set 4

Hybrid set 5: back extensions with dumbbells standing (1) + squats with dumbbells in front of you (1) + push-ups with a dumbbell with one hand (2): stand up straight and lean forward. When straightening, lift the dumbbells in front of you and, without changing the position of the arms, do 2 repetitions of squats. Now put the dumbbells on the floor and take a prone position. Pull open and pull one hand to the body. Then push again, but pull your other hand towards you. Pulling your legs up to your hands, rise to the floor and count yourself 1 repetition!

Combined workout A: Hybrid-set 5
Combined workout A: Hybrid-set 5

Diagonal twists + twists: Lay down on the floor, bending the legs and bending the hips to the left by 45 °. Do 20-30 repetitions, turn your legs the other way and repeat. Now bring your knees back to neutral and do 30 final repetitions.

Strength Training B:

1. Bench press + squats with dumbbells, legs together.

2. “Suitcase” deadlift with dumbbell + Arnold bench press with one hand standing.

3. Pull up with reverse grip + press with narrow grip on the inclined.

4. Lifting to the socks while standing + extension of the bar brush sitting.

5. Raising the pelvis lying down + reverse twisting.

Circuit 1: T-push-ups with dumbbells + “woodcutter” with a squat dumbbell + “run” in the rest position (count repetitions for each leg) + “boat”, hands behind your head + pelvis lifts with a bench on the bench + reverse twisting with the ball.

Strength Training B: circuit 2
Strength Training B: circuit 1

Circuit 2: uneven pushups with the right hand + jump attacks (count repetitions for each leg) + unequal pushups with the left hand + “frog” + reverse hyperextension on the bench + twisting on the ball.

Strength Training B: circuit 2
Strength Training B: circuit 2

Circuit 3: “woodcutter” on the upper block to the right + “prayer” on the upper block + “woodcutter” on the upper block to the left + bicycle + reverse twists + twisting.

Monthly variations

Since the training program is designed for as many as three months, you will need to constantly vary the “repetition set” scheme in each type of training in order not to get stuck in the spring-depressive stagnation of results. Here’s how to do it:


Month 1
Training 1 2 3 4
Strength training A 3-8 3-6 4-10 3-12
Strength training B 3-6 4-10 3-8 2-15
Combined A 3-8 3-10 4-8 3-6
Combined B: ciruit 1-2 3-12 3-15 3-20 2-15
Combined B: ciruit 3 3-15 3-20 3-25 2-20
Month 2
Training 1 2 3 4
Strength training A 3-10 3-8 4-12 3-12
Strength training B 3-8 4-12 3-10 2-15
Combined A 3-8 4-10 5-8 3-6
Combined B: ciruit 1-2 3-15 3-20 3-25 2-15
Combined B: ciruit 3 3-20 3-25 2-30 2-20
Month 3
Training 1 2 3 4
Strength training A 3-12 3-6 5-12 4-12
Strength training B 3-6 5-12 3-12 2-15
Combined A 3-8 4-10 4-12 3-8
Combined B: ciruit 1-2 3-20 3-25 2-30 2-15
Combined B: ciruit 3 3-25 3-30 2-35 2-20

Cardio training

You will have five options for cardio exercises that should be performed after each of the strength and combined training. All five options either alternately alternate, or vary according to well-being. You can use any cardio, but the maximum variety is strongly encouraged.

Option 1: simple. Get in touch for 5 minutes, then without any breaks for 10 minutes, step on the stepper, 10 minutes on the treadmill and another 10 minutes to turn the pedal of the ergometer. Shut up for 5 minutes. Gradually bringing the time spent on each simulator to 15 minutes, while increasing the intensity of these segments.

Option 2: running. Divide for 5 minutes, after which runs 1 km as quickly as possible, noting the time. Having run, calmly walk along the track, having spent twice as long as it took on the running kilometer. Make two more such cycles and shut up for 5 minutes. Gradually bring the number of cycles to five and reduce the rest time to equal running time.

Option 3: interval. After a 5-minute warm-up, accelerate exactly for 1 minute, then move for 2 minutes at a moderate pace. Make 4-8 such cycles and hush up as usual. Gradually increase the intensity of the minute jerks.

Option 4: army. Get different as usual, and then twist your trainer for 30-40 minutes. Every 5 minutes, be interrupted and do 1 set of pushups, attacks with dumbbells or “folds” on the press with the ball – for 20-30 repetitions. After completing the strength exercise, immediately return to the cardiovascular equipment and continue to wind kilometers. At the end, make a 5-minute hitch.

Option 5: painful. After a stretch, accelerate for 2 minutes, then rest only 1 minute and repeat the cycle. Make 4-8 such cycles, trying to follow the general state of health. Having plowed the right time, hesitate and crawl into the shower.


Start diet right now!
Start diet right now!

From proteins, prefer chicken breasts, turkey, sea fish, beef, eggs, low-fat milk, cheeses and protein drinks.

Consider as carbohydrates oatmeal without sugar, beans, diet pasta, green vegetables, brown rice and loafs rich in fiber.

Fats simply must be unsaturated – flaxseed, unrefined sunflower and olive oils, fish oil, nuts, peanut butter, and avocados will fit perfectly. Some of the fats will still be saturated, they will enter the body along with whole eggs, meat and cheese.

Of the drinks you can only clean water in unlimited quantities, fresh juices, some coffee and supermodel’s secret weapon – green tea with ice and lemon juice.

There will be six times a day. The first three meals should consist mainly of proteins, carbohydrates and the minimum amount of fat (B + U), and the other three – a combination of proteins, fats and pathetic crumbs of carbohydrates (B + F). On training days, the B + Y options should be breakfast, pre- and post-workout drink, and a full meal one hour after training. And on rest days, the first three meals should be B + D, and the remaining three should be B + F.

During each week from Monday to Friday, gradually reduce the caloric content mainly due to carbohydrates and fats. On Saturdays, arrange a well-deserved feast of the abdomen: back off from the diet, moderately absorbing your favorite dishes, but do not forget about the great goal. Follow the correctness of the nutrition program according to the indications of the scales: you should not lose more than 1 kg per week.