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Beach body

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In our world, everything comes unexpectedly. Heating season, new year and summer. Therefore, we are always not ready for either the first or the second or the third. But each time we are very desperately trying to rectify the situation, bringing in the already hectic next dose of fuss. Therefore, the preparation of the beach body, we will talk now. Actually, we will start preparing ourselves for the beach season in the fall too.

I can not claim any objectivity in this matter. Since never engaged in preparing people for the appearance on the beaches. But in my life experience I know that such preparations begin well, if in March. And more often in May. Also, my fitness experience and elementary knowledge allow me to conclude that if out of 12 months you devote only 3 to training, then this is too little.

Hypothetically this is possible. The question is the price you pay. The article about the 300 Spartans was told the story of Gerard Butler, who was preparing to shoot in the same film. So, after filming, he came down to the hospital, and then for several months he could not train at all. Do you need this?

But, most likely, nothing terrible will happen. You just do not reach the desired form, because you can not train as a person who has this part of the work. And if you can for some time, then just stop, thanks to the natural reaction of the nervous system.

Yes, some use all sorts of extreme methods to quickly lose weight, for example. And they also sometimes work! But getting into your favorite jeans and taking off those jeans on the beach is not the same thing. In the first case, you hide, and in the second you demonstrate. Therefore, I advocate for high-quality and methodical training.

So, we start in the fall. We have about 9 months before undressing. And behind at least summer and vacation with unlimited consumption of all sorts of goodies and violation of the regime. This is at least. And at most – a few years of such disgrace. Therefore, we will assume that we start training almost from scratch.

For myself, I divide the training into 3 stages. Each of which falls on a certain time of year. Consider them more or less in detail.

Stage 1. Autumn. General physical preparation.

Objective: to prepare your body for serious specific loads.

What is important to understand. The fact that we consider beautiful a muscular body with a low content of subcutaneous fat. That is, it will be logical to assume that there will need to pump up muscles and remove fat. But this is a specific load. To proceed with them, we need to “warm up” the body. Like clay before modeling. What for?

First, in order not to spoil your health. Preparing the body for the serious and often extreme loads that we will need in the next stages should be carried out gradually. This will protect our systems (muscles, ligaments, joints and the heart) from excessive shock and, as a result, injury.

Autumn outdoor workout
Autumn outdoor workout

Secondly, to develop the habit of training. This is a very important point. It does not matter – you go to the gym or do fitness at home. It is necessary to get used not only to the fact that the body will now regularly be subjected to additional physical exertion, but also to form a new schedule. Let relatives and friends get used to it too. And it is better that this also takes place more or less gradually. And not at the limit of strength and capabilities.

Thirdly, to improve the efficiency of the following stages. Regardless of your current state (overweight or undershoot), the only way to improve it will be to train. First of all, whoever you are, you need to adjust the metabolism in the body and get out of minus to zero. Thin at this stage is already gain muscle, and fat burn a good part of the fat. It will be easier to turn from an ordinary person into a sports person. Yes, and their own advantages and disadvantages will be visible better. That will allow you to adjust the work in the next stages, choose the right training patterns.

Stage 2. Winter. Set of muscle mass

Objective: hypertrophy of muscle fibers. I wrote in clever words so that the task somehow differed from the stage name. In general, this is the same thing.

Even if you are a girl with excess weight, then I would not advise you to neglect this stage. Beautiful ass, legs, chest and everything else – it is the muscles. Not bones covered in leather.

Moreover, muscle volume is very important for burning fat. The fact is that muscles require a large amount of energy for their content. That is, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism. The athlete burns fat much more efficiently than a regular person, with other equal physical exertion. Even in a relaxed state (lying on the couch), he burns several times more calories than a person with undeveloped muscle fibers.

Winter workout
Winter workout

Do not be afraid to build up too many muscles! This is a topic for a separate article, but I will say a few words. Being afraid to build up a lot of muscles is the same as being afraid of becoming a millionaire abruptly. Fell asleep and woke up super-rich! What a horror … To build a more or less decent muscle corset bodybuilder, people spend years of time and a lot of money on food, supplements and chemistry. These are men who already have no problems with testosterone. Women and even more so have to jump above their heads. With in-kind training for a healthy man, a good indicator of growth is 3-5 kg ​​of muscles per year! So do not be afraid to become TOO muscular. Like too rich. Although the money you can inherit or win the lottery. With muscles this will never happen!

And winter is the nicest time to gain muscle. In winter we move a little – spend less time outside. At the same time, we eat less fresh fruits and vegetables, but more than any cereals and high-calorie preparations. That is, we will, not by will, accumulate energy, which simply a sin not to direct in the right direction – muscle growth.

Stage 3. Spring. Fat loss

Objective: getting rid of excess weight.

Now everyone is literate. They sit on fitness sites, read articles and watch channels of famous athletes. And heard the word “cutting”. So here. Our fat loss is not “cutting”.

“Cutting” is the preparation of professional athletes for competitions. At this stage, they get rid of not only fat, but also water (and with it all the nutrients can be removed) and even a certain amount of muscle to win the competition. In this case, they feel not the best way. And, of course, do not spend their lives in the “dried” state. It is simply harmful, and it does not always look beautiful. This is sport and sacrifice.

Beach body
Beach body

We also need to remove too much, and not to look like a living manual on anatomy. Therefore, our funds will be less extreme. And we have enough time. So two things will be enough for us:

  1. Reduce the diet.
  2. Start moving more.

In fact, you can lose weight only by adjusting the diet. The effectiveness of special weight loss programs (where much attention is paid not so much to strength as to cardio and interval training) is often questioned by supporters of purely strength training. But I do not see anything bad in that we will train not only strength, but also endurance. Yes, and make a variety in your own training process. It is in any case useful!

By the way, with a good figure, endurance in the summer, oh, how it can be useful to you!

The scheme specified in this article does not claim to be universal. In many ways, everything depends not only on your personal tasks at the moment (lose those extra pounds or gain the missing ones), but also on your world view, tastes and ideas about yourself tomorrow. But one thing I can say for sure. Preparation for the summer begins in the fall.