admin February 26, 2019

How to build a beach body? A beach body is a body whose beauty catches your eye on the beach. Most of you can build such a body for yourself by the summer. No, not to the next. To that. Already this summer, you will not be able to look like an average invisible shit, […]

admin September 17, 2018

Content What do you need for jumping fitness? Six reasons to do fitness jumping Basic exercises Fitness on a trampoline (or ass pump) is an excellent opportunity to remember childhood and at the same time improve the physical and emotional state. A unique program of Les mills body pump training on the projectile for jumping was developed by […]

admin July 19, 2018

Exercises for a beautiful butt On the Web, more and more often you can find information that in order to make the butt resilient, convex, accurate (it must be emphasized), it is necessary to squat. In principle, the advice is correct. But what if boring squats are tired? Try to diversify your workout with other exercises that are considered equally […]

admin July 19, 2018

How to determine the type of physique – ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph? Physiologically, there are three possible types of the human physique. Today we’ll talk in more detail about each of the species, what they say about a person, and how to determine the type of physique, which type you belong to. To determine your genetic […]