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Beach body

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Eat as usual

The body burns calories even during sleep. To be attractive in a bikini, you need first of all health and good mood, but not perfect proportions. So if you already eat healthy food (small digressions don’t count), keep up the good work. If you want to change something in your menu, then do it not because someone can look askance at you, but out of love and respect for yourself. Any other reason is complete nonsense.

Beach body


Make the right choice

Find a swimsuit in which you look to the impossible cool. This does not necessarily have to be mini-stringings and two strips of cloth on the nipples. Slowly, long before you leave, go shopping and find something that you inspire yourself, not terrify.

Steph Smith
Steph Smith

Stop comparing

Advertising, television and film industry have inspired us that we must look like supermodels if we want to wear bikinis. But none of your loved ones expects you to look on the beach, like one of the Victoria’s Secret angels. Favorite people want you to look like a bikini like … you are like a bikini. No more, no less.

Eat sweets

From sweets, croissants or slices of chocolate you will not gain ten kilograms immediately. And then – this is delicious!
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Go in for sports

Because it has a great effect on well-being. And not because you want to “work on the problem areas.” Please note that coaches never refer to men in such terms.

Problem areas – what is it?

There are things that you can not stand in yourself? Accept them. Think you have a big ass? Let’s say. You have a big ass. By the way, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez have it no less. But this does not prevent them from being beautiful, right? Why should stop you?

You are much more than just a body.

You are a person who loves water, sun and fun. And, of course, you deserve not to think about the “right” size and get the most out of the long-awaited summer! Remember this, please.